Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Founded in 2009, Miss Lacey Designs for the needleworker gorgeous totes of all sizes to carry your projects safely and beautifully.  Very large carryalls for lacemaking projects; mid-size totes for knitting and stitching projects; small clutches for coins or tools; special needs such as eyeglasses, ipads, phones and more.  Custom bags can be made in any of the many specialty fabrics available to suit size and tastes, including quilted, upholstery and brocades - always well made!
In addition, Miss Lacey Designs hand made accessories such as lucets for braiding, stitchmarkers for lace knitting, and decorative scissors sheaths and fobs, magnets to hold needles, and more!.  

Hand knitted scarves in beautiful colors and other hand knits occasionally offered such as socks and sweaters; occasionally hats to match.

I sell at quilt shows and craft fairs about 6 times a year.  I’m available by email and phone for special orders.


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