Tuesday, May 1, 2012


STITCHING MAGNETS, second magnet placed under fabric holds stitching magnets securely.  Choose from barrette style, large, medium and small dichroic glass, or polished stones.

Stitching magnets - Barrette style, strong neodymium magnets to hold needle securely.  approx size 2 1/2".  specify color.  $18 each.

Showing how magnets are used on a cross stitch fabric.

From top to bottom left: 1. purple polished stone; 2. Dichroic glass purple/blue; 3. Dichroic blue/green; 4. dichroic dark blue swirl; 5.  Dichroic multi pink/black;
Top to Bottom right;  6. polished stone blue; 7. Dichroic multi blue/green/clear; 8.  Dichroic light blue sphere;   9. Dark blue/black.  $12.50 each

Large Dichroic top left to right:  10.  Rainbow multi.  11.  Blue multi.
Bottom left to right:  12.  Black multi;  13.  Blue/gold/clear.  $18 each.

Top Left to bottom;  14.  Dichroic Blue multi; 15. Dichroic Pink/black; 16. Dichroic Pink/Black multi. 17.  Dichroic blue multi.
Right top to bottom: 18.  Dichroic black/purple; 19.  Dichroic dark blue; 20 Elongated multi ($12.50); 21. Dichroic Blue/multi/ clear.  $18 each except as noted.

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